blahGrace Haddon writes fantasy short stories and novels (though she dabbles in sci-fi, comedy and YA). She holds a 1st-class BA in creative and professional writing from the University of Nottingham, where she edited the class anthology Vices and Virtues. It was launched at the Nottingham Writers Studio in April 2016. She was on the judging panel for the Leicester Writes Short Story Competition 2017, alongside Rebecca Burns, Nina Stibbe, Divya Ghelani and Debbie James.

She is on the writing team of Write In For Charity Leicester (previously known as the Big Care Write-Up), a Leicester charity initiative which produces e-books. In 2015 she was interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester alongside Charles Huddleston, head of the Carer's Centre charity, and editor/founder of the BCWU Dale Anthony Church.

In 2015 she won Malorie Blackman’s Project Remix competition, and has since been shortlisted for the HG Wells Short Story Competition. Her short story Zenith was included in Dahlia Publishing's anthology Lost and Found: Stories of Home by Leicestershire Writers, and was nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Grace is returning her attention to writing novels, and her current project is a comedy fantasy that pokes fun at as many tropes as possible. When she isn't writing, she likes fangirling over Doctor Who, amassing PlayStation trophies and making epic soundtrack playlists for her stories. Just in case someone buys the film rights.

Hero For Hire (First Draft)
92,000 words

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