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Unexpected Item in Bagging Area

Ace and the Doctor arrive at a supermarket, but there's no time to shop. Customers are disappearing – and a knight is challenging them to duels. If they’re going to get out alive (and with their shopping), they’ll need a clever plan, nerves of steel and… avocados.

Published in Time Shadows: Second Nature, Pseudoscope Publishing, 2017. All proceeds go to CODE, a charity which works to advance literacy and learning in developing countries.

Waiting For God Knows What + Chicken Legs

Ethel knows that something is missing. Despite living at Bonnington Care Home for many years, and being more than a little forgetful, she's sure that she's lost something important. And not just her fluffy bunny slipper...

Published in Telling Tales, , The Big Care Write-Up, 2017. All proceeds go to LOROS, a Leicester charity which specialises in hospice care and family support. The Big Care Write-Up is a charity writing initiative, based in Leicester, that raises money for local charities.

Carol of the (Space Warning) Bells + GIFTBOT

How do you celebrate Christmas in space (on a spaceship, with aliens)? Commander Jane Shepherd is feeling homesick, but the ship's psychologist has a plan to cheer her up...

Need to buy gifts for your loved ones but don't want to spend hours online? GIFTBOT is here! Your automated assistant can order presents and wrap them too! Just be careful what you say around it...

Published in Christmas Tales, The Big Care Write-Up, 2017. A festive collection of free short stories and flash fiction.

The Cloud Monster

Fire haunts Carla’s life. Over the years she’s tried to forget what happened when she was six, but there’s no escaping her nightmares. Of clouds in her bedroom, and the monster that searches for her…

Published in Mrs Rochester’s Attic, Mantle Lane Press, 2017. Shortlisted for the Nottingham Writers Club National Short Story Competition 2016.

The Sky is Black and Endless

Emily lives alone, in a red brick house that floats in space. She’s happy up here. Until she befriends Wade, who demands to know how they got here. And why the houses are crumbling…

Published in Space, St Ursin Press, 2016. Shortlisted for the Margaret and Reg Turnill Prize (Junior Category) as part of the HG Wells Short Story Competition.

Listen to an opening extract, which was played at the awards ceremony in Folkestone.

Bare Bones

“She remembers to kick out the glass shards this time. The skeleton dances on his wires like an angry puppet as she saws at them, cutting at the shoulder, then the other shoulder, and finally at the skull. He collapses in a pile, still held together by the strings. The bones are heavier than she thought they’d be.”

Published in On The Day of The Dead, Black Pear Press, 2016.

That Time of the Month + Snowprints

Amber is a were-squid. And in a class full of were-rhinos and were-parrots, that makes her a social outcast – that is, if anyone finds out. But when the school is endangered, can she come to the rescue when it means revealing her secret?

Published in The Heroes Among Us, The Big Care Write-Up, 2016. All proceeds go to LOROS, a Leicester charity which specialises in hospice care and family support. The Big Care Write-Up is a charity writing initiative, based in Leicester, that raises money for local charities.

Ghosts (Flash Fiction)

“I sweep the shelves into the box. In go coils of lucky charms and sticks of chalk and bottles of holy water. I unhook dreamcatchers from curtain rails and tear down scrawlings in Latin and Hebrew. Everyone thought she was nuts, but we humoured her. After all, it wasn’t as if she was hurting anyone. She only wanted to see the ghosts.”

Published in In a Flash, Sinister Saints Press (Horrified Press), 2016.


Zenith Abney has lived on a space base all her life, and she’s never wanted it another way. But when the crew’s twenty-year mission comes to an end, she is forced to question what it means to go home.

Published in Lost and Found: Stories of Home by Leicestershire Writers, Dahlia Publishing, 2016.

Hear an extract from the launch during the Leicester Writes Festival.

LOADING + Blood and Honey

People tend to think that apocalypses are loud, messy things. This just isn’t the case, as it turns out when screens across the world display only a spinning loading symbol. How long this will continue no one knows. Slowly, the population dissolves into madness…

Published in Vices and Virtues, The University of Nottingham, 2016.


A Drop in the Ocean + Flown The Coop

“The sign language for drowning is one hand held in front of you whilst the other is dragged down beneath it. It was one of the first I learned after I lost my voice: a hand slipping beneath waves made of fingers.”

Published in Life’s Great Journey, The Big Care Write-Up, 2016. All proceeds go towards The Carers Centre, a charity which assists family carers.

Read the interview with Dale Anthony Church, editor and founder of the BCWU.

Silver Lining

Summers are harsh on Loria. The last human colony struggles as crops wither in the heat. Until a young scientist, Anya, befriends a mysterious and beautiful moth-like creature. Together, they may save both of their races…

Published in Carers of the Cosmos, The Big Care Write-Up, 2015. All proceeds go towards The Carers Centre, a charity which assists family carers.

Interview on BBC Radio Leicester with Grace Haddon, Charles Huddleston and Dale Anthony Church 14/11/2015

A Wizard's Gift

Halloween isn’t a good time for a wizard to be out walking in the dark. And when you’re Harry Dresden, bad luck tends to follow you around. A prequel to the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher.

Shortlisted for the Sugarscape Fanfiction Award as part of the Wicked Young Writers Award, 2015. Download the e-book of winning entries for free,

Read the interview by finalist Chaz Josephs on her blog, Under The Slush.

Blood, Sweat and Vodka Shots

Human for just one night. How hard could it be? But when a young werewolf becomes stranded in a night club full of humans, she discovers there is more to them than she thought. The first Change is always the hardest, but the more time she spends amongst them the more she begins to wonder if she’s better off without her pack…

Published in Growing Pains, Sinister Saints Press (Horrified Press), 2015. View it on Goodreads.

Running From Shadows

Humans don’t cast Shadows. Corpses do. As an arctic storm batters the University of Luxford, young candlekeeper Atris struggles to keep the darkness at bay. But Fate finds us all in the end, and even at the icy edges of the world she can’t escape the Shadows of her past. Inspired by Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights.

Winner of the (Creative Writing Category).

Read it for free on or view the shortlist.

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